Airport Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • barf bag
  • check in your bags
  • to board
  • turbulence
  • airfare
  • motion sickness
  • to go through security
  • take off
  • layover
  • carry on

  1. If you don't include the the trip is not that expensive. Flying costs a lot.
  2. She suffers from so she won't fly or go on a boat.
  3. When there is a lot of the plane shakes.
  4. When you you shouldn't have change in your pocket.
  5. We will need at noon since the plane takes off at 12:15.
  6. I hope the plane will on time. I want to get there!
  7. Get to the airport and . Then you won't have to carry those heavy things around.
  8. When flying somewhere I prefer flights without a . I don't like getting off the plane and waiting.
  9. Pass me the . I'm going to throw up.
  10. Don't check in your back pack. Bring it as a.

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