Airport Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • turbulence
  • barf bag
  • take off
  • go through security
  • layovers
  • airfare
  • check in
  • board
  • in flight entertainment
  • motion sickness

Traveling on commercial airlines has never been my favorite thing to do. It really is a hassle, if you ask me. I would choose driving over flying any day.

When deciding to take a trip on a plane you first have to come up with the money for . The tickets are not cheap! To reduce the cost of your trip, you can choose a flight that has a few stops and takes a non direct route. Of course in this scenario you have to deal with . I don't know about you, but I am no fan of waiting in a random airport for the next plane to arrive. I usually get a flight that is non stop.

Once the day of your trip arrives you need to navigate the chaos of the airport, park your car and then . After dropping off your luggage you need to . Since 9/11, this is not an easy process. They check everyone throughly. After completing this necessary evil, you go to your gate and wait to the plane. If you are lucky, it is not late.

Once you get on the plane you sit in the small uncomfortable seats and wait for the plane to . If you are on a good airline there is . This helps to distract passengers from the unpleasant situation they are in. Thank god for I pods and laptop computers too. They really help in taking one's mind off the reality of a situation.

When the plane is in the air there is always going to be some . I suffer from so I always have to use a . I don't want to vomit on the guy next to me!

I probably complain too much and maybe I should just be thankful that I have the means to afford to fly.Whatever the case is, I don't like flying.

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