Airport Vocabulary Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. Go through security
  • B. Check your bags
  • C. Carry on
  • D. Stand by
  • E. Take off
  • F. To board
  • G. Layover
  • H. Airfare
  • I. Boarding pass
  • J. Turbulence

  1. To get on a plane:
  2. To drop your suitcase off in the airport:
  3. A stop in one city to get to another:
  4. The act of getting checked for weapons before entering plane:
  5. What you need to get on the plane:
  6. To wait to get on a plane if there is room:
  7. The price you pay to fly:
  8. A bag you take on to the plane with you:
  9. Rough wind conditions that cause the plane to move about:
  10. An expression that means "to leave": .

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