English Conversation Activity for Automobile Vocabulary

Listen to the conversation between two friends talking about driving.Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Automobile Expressions Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page. To see the script for what you will hear click on: Script

(Press play ↓)

  1. Jim wants to ___________ around town in the new car. a) tailgate b) cruise c) break down d) run a light
  2. Dan thinks Jim is a ______________ driver. a) fast b) slow c) careful d) good
  3. Dan warns Jim that there is a ______________ down the road so he shouldn't drive fast. a) red light b) puddle c) speed trap d) group of kids
  4. Dan accuses Jim of ___________ the car in front of him. a) getting a jump from b) cutting off c) crashing into d) tailgating
  5. Jim receives a text and tells Dan that they need to _____________. a) peel out b) rev the engine c) turn around d) pull over
  6. What does Jim think is the problem with his girlfriend's car? a) a flat tire b) battery trouble c) a car crash
  7. Jim tells Dan that they are going to need to __________ his girlfriend's car. a) jump b) sell c) tow d) drive
  8. Which word best describes how Dan feels at the end of the conversation? a) excited b) happy c) disappointed
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