Script for Automobile Vocabulary Exercise

I recently purchased a new sports car and I am having a ball with it. In fact, I am having so much fun that I’ve come close to a few accidents and a few tickets.

The other day I decided to take the sports car out for a spin. I revved the engine up in my driveway before peeling out to start my drive. The problem is that I live near a school zone so I really can’t drive fast on my street. It is very easy to get pulled over by the cops. With this in mind, I drove down the street. Just like I thought would happen, I saw a police officer sitting in the parking lot of the school. I immediately slammed on my brakes. I don’t think I was speeding, but that is just my natural reaction. The cop flashed his brights and had me pull over. I was a little annoyed because I knew I wasn’t speeding. The cop told me that I had cut off another driver when I pulled out of my driveway. Since I pulled out so fast, I guess I scared the other driver. The officer didn’t give me a ticket, but he told me not to floor it on these busy streets. I was very relieved.

Living near a speed trap is probably a good thing for me. I like to drive fast so I need something to slow me down. Now, if only I could follow the traffic rules outside of my neighborhood!

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