Automobile Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • fish tail
  • cut me off
  • get a ticket
  • flashed his brights
  • peeled out
  • traffic jam
  • fender bender
  • slam on breaks
  • pull over
  • cruise

The other day I decided to go out for a in my new Corvette. I had bought the car a couple of days ago at a car dealership near my house. I knew the car was fast so I had to be careful not to . The polce like to cars that look fast.

I set off down the road enjoying the ride.  It started to rain a little, but I wasn’t worried.  I knew that the Corvette had good tires.  It turned out that they weren’t as good as I thought.  While I was driving down Lamar Street a car pulled out in front of me and . I had to so I wouldn’t hit the car.  Since I stopped so fast, and the road was slippery, the back end of my car did a . This caused me to  hit another car.  It turned out to be a minor . Nobody was hurt.  I was sad because my new car now had a dent and a little bit of body damage.  I knew that my car insurance would cover it, but it is still hard to see your new car banged up.

While I was talking to the other driver whom I had hit a police officer pulled up. He asked us who had caused the accident. As we were explaining the situation to him he got a call on his radio. There was a robbery up the street and he had to get over there to help out. He got in his car and . At that point I realized that we were all standing in the middle of the road. There were cars behind us that couldn’t get by. We caused a . One guy so that we would move. The other driver and I decided not to get our car insurance involved in the situation and we both took off. What a day!

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