Automobile Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • road rage
  • traffic jam
  • cruise
  • run a red light
  • get a jump
  • cut off
  • road rage
  • hang a right
  • flash
  • get a flat

  1. My friends and I like to down Main street on Saturday night.
  2. If you turn in front of that driver he will have to slam on the brakes. People don’t like to be .
  3. At the next light you need to .
  4. My insurance company won't pay for the damages I had after the last night.
  5. I hope we don't on the highway. It isn’t easy to change a tire on this type of road.
  6. After an episode of the man was taken to jail.
  7. You can to get the attention of the driver ahead of you.
  8. The bus was stuck in a so it was two hours late.
  9. We were in such a hurry that we had to Luckily there wasn’t a cop there .
  10. You need to . if your battery is dead.

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