Script for Automobile Driving Listening Passage

Dan: Hello Jim. My dad just bought me a new car and I am super excited! Come take a look at it.

Jim: Very nice. Let's cruise around town to show it off.

Dan: Ok. I'll let you drive, but please don't peel out. The tires are new. Don't drive too fast either. Whenever I see you drive you have the pedal to the metal.

Jim: Ok dude. Can I at least rev the engine a bit to hear how it sounds?

Dan: Sure. I'm just worried about you getting another ticket. There is a speed trap down the road. The cops pull everyone over around here.

Jim: Alright. I'm going to hang a right up here and we can head towards the mall.

Dan: You are going a little fast buddy. You are tailgating the car ahead of us.

Jim: Just relax and let me do the driving. Hey, we need to turn around and head back to the school. I just got a text that my girlfriend is having car trouble.

Dan: Oh no. That's not good. Did she break down or get a flat?

Jim: I bet it is the battery. She always leaves her lights on while she is in class. We'll have to give her a jump. Your new car here surely has a powerful new battery.

Dan: OK. Let's go help her out. So much for our first ride together in my new car.

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