Conversation Activity for Beauty Terms and Expressions

Listen to the following passage and answer the questions below. You will hear a conversation between a boss and an employee at a beauty store. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Beauty Expressions Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page. To see the script for what you will hear click on: Script

(Press play ↓)

  1. The first product the boss talks about is a cream that helps with: a) botox b) a pedicure c) facials d) age spots
  2. The new hair care product they just got in helps women who want _____________ a) a perm b) highlights c) clean hair d) to tease their hair
  3. The boss says that in the Boston store customers complained about _______________ in the product. a) pedicures b) allergens c) botox d) highlights
  4. What does the boss want the employee to try at home? a) a perm kit b) a pedicure kit c) a manicure kit d) botox
  5. The employee doesn't want to use it, but he will try it on his _____________. a) boss b) wife c) customers
  6. What does the employee tell his boss that the customers are asking about? a) botox b) manicures c) highlights d) perms
  7. Does the boss like the employee? a) he doesn't say anything that would let us know that b) no c) yes
  8. The boss promises to get a list of ____________. a) customers b) doctors c) products d) employees
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