Beauty Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • allergen
  • perm
  • manicure
  • facial
  • makeover
  • pedicure
  • to get highlights
  • haircare products
  • active ingredients

My girlfriend Jane is quite a princess. She is very into her looks and she doesn’t hide it. Every week she is getting some kind of beauty work done. I guess it is her hobby. Just when you think that she is happy with her appearance she decides to get a and she looks completely different.

After a year of living with Jane I think I have her routine down. On Mondays she gets a . You can tell because her face looks almost shiny and her eyebrows are thinner. On Tuesdays she is off to get a . When she gets back there are cotton balls between her toes. It looks kind of ridiculous, but who am I to judge? Wednesdays I don’t think there are any beauty treatments, but Thursday is day. Her fingernails are usually bright red after this little trip. I am not to touch her hands all day Thursday. Most weekends Jane stays out of the beauty salons, but sometimes she’ll go just for the fun of it.

Now when it comes to Jane’s hair she doesn’t mess around. Every three weeks she goes in . Most times they are blonde streaks, but once in a while they will be a bit reddish. She is not into curls so there aren’t any trips to the salon for a . In her bathroom she has an arsenal of   There are ten different shampoos and even more conditioners. I tried buying her a special shampoo for Christmas one year, but she couldn’t use it. It had an that she was allergic to. I guess I should read the list of I buy her something like that again.

Anyway I think it is obvious that I live with a beauty queen, but I love her and will accept her any way that she is.

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