Exercise II for Birthday Expressions

Fill in the blanks with the word or phrase that makes sense. Tab between answers.

Answer Bank
  • gift card
  • joint
  • birthday boy
  • party favors
  • sweet 16
  • over the hill
  • bash
  • RSVP
  • blow out the candles
  • gag
  • crash a party
  • streamers

  1. When my dad turned 50 I jokingly told him he was .
  2. I'm glad my cousins don't know about my party. They are known to if they are not invited.
  3. Everyone be nice to little Johnny. As you know, he is the .
  4. My parents got me a to my favorite sporting goods store for my birthday.
  5. It is rude not to when someone sends you an invitation to a party.
  6. Sam has a good sense of humor. Let's get him a gift for his party.
  7. I plan on giving out coffee cups with my photo as to the guests who actually show up.
  8. There's going to be a huge birthday at my house tonight for my boss.
  9. Don't hang up for the celebration. Grandpa doesn't like anyone to make a fuss over his birthday.
  10. This year we plan on combining Jon's celebration with Sara's. It will be a party.
  11. Once we sing "Happy Birthday" it is time to .
  12. My daughter's is coming up this year. She wants me to throw her a huge party.
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