Reading Passage for Birthday Vocabulary

Answer Bank
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  • throw
  • over the hill
  • gag gifts
  • bash
  • birthday boy
  • party favors
  • RSVP'd
  • blow out the candles
Read the following story and fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list:

When it is my birthday I love to have a huge birthday . This year my best friend Sam is going to me a huge party at our pool.

Sam sent out the invitations about a week ago. He said everyone has and told him that they were coming. I'm so excited. Being that I am turning 40, I expect a lot of . My friends love giving me weird presents to make me laugh. Last year they all played a trick on me. When the cake was put in front of me I got ready to . I took a deep breath and got ready to make my wish. The cake turned out to be hollow inside. When I let out my breath the cake went flying off the table because it was so light. Everyone laughed!

I'm sure there are going to be more than one comments about how old I am getting. Someone will surely say that I am now . Maybe I will get my revenge by providing really bad . I was thinking about passing out photos of me doing a silly face for all the guests. I can't wait to see the disappointed looks on their faces!

This week I am the so I hope to get special treatment from everyone. The party is going to be great and I hope we all have fun.

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