Buying a Car Vocabulary Matching

Match the correct word to the definition. Tab between answers.

Answer Bank
  • A. hybrid
  • B. SUV
  • C. Blue book value
  • D. sticker price
  • E. pick up
  • F. car dealership
  • G. car lot
  • H. recall
  • I. bumper to bumper
  • J. sedan

  1. Place to go to buy a car.
  2. A vehicle that has room in the back to carry large objects.
  3. This is usually a higher price than you would actually pay:
  4. When there is a problem with your particular model of car a dealership may send out one of these:
  5. This car gets great gas mileage:
  6. Place where are cars are kept to show to people who may want to buy them:
  7. A car that has front and back seats and usually four doors:
  8. A phrase used buy car dealerships that means everything is covered:
  9. A resource to see how much a particular car is worth:
  10. A larger car that is good for familes:.

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