Script for Conversation Activity on Buying a Car

Car Salesman: Hello sir. Can I help you find a car today?

Customer: Yes. My wife and I are about to have a baby. We need a car with more room. I have a little hybrid coupe that gets great gas mileage, but only fits two passengers.

Car Salesman: Oh, OK. Let's take a walk around our car lot. We have some great deals this weekend. What kind of car does your wife have now?

Customer: She has a small sedan that we could fit the baby in, but we want two cars that have room for all of us. I'd like to check out your SUVs. We are hoping to not have to buy a minivan.

Car Salesman: Not a problem sir. We have a nice brand new Honda Pilot SUV over here. The sticker price is $30,000.

Customer: I actually was looking for a Honda Pilot. I went online last night to check out the blue book value on new Pilots. The price I saw was $27,000. Why is your price higher?

Car Salesman: Well sir, at this car dealership we offer a free bumper to bumper warranty and we have very cheap extended warranties.

Customer: That's great, but every car dealership offers that. I'm not going to pay the sticker price for this car. I will pay the blue book value of $27,000.

Car Salesman: I can't offer you that price. What about $29,000?

Customer: No. I'll pay $27,000 or I'll go somewhere else that charges a fair price. Don't you want my business? Are you trying to rip me off? I don't understand how you guys think you can overcharge people for cars. The information on the pricing of any car is online. Don't they teach you that in car salesman school?

Car Salesman: We do want your business sir. Let me talk to my manager and see what I can do. Give me five minutes.

Customer: OK. I'll be waiting right here.

Car Salesman: Sir, I talked to my manager and he said that there are some factory to dealer incentives that I didn't know about. I can get the price down to $28,000. Would that work for you?

Customer: No. Are you not listening to me? I will pay the correct price, which is $27,000. What do you say? If the answer is no, I want to get to another dealership before it gets too late.

Car Salesman: OK. I will sell the car to you for that price. We would like to have your business.

Customer: Great. I'll take the car, but don't even attempt to rip me off on the financing plan. I did my research on that too. Let's get this over with.

Car Salesman: Sounds good sir. Let's step into my office and fill out the paperwork.

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