Cell Phone Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks Paragraph

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  • off peak hours
  • blue tooth
  • land line
  • service provider
  • airtime
  • service plan
  • peak hours
  • family plan
  • hands free device

Buying a cell phone can be quite an ordeal. There are so many decisions one needs to make. First, you need to decide who you want as your . Verizon, AT&T and Sprint seem to be the biggest ones. Once you've made up your mind on who you will use you have to pick from one of the many . There are many choices so you have to really check out your options.

One of the main factors in choosing a cell phone and a plan is to figure out how much you will be using it and how many people in your family will need one. Everything with a cell phone is measured by how minutes you are on the phone. This is called . It also matters when you plan on talking. If you use the phone during you will be charged more that if you use it during . If you have a lot of people in your home that would need to have a cell phone you may want to look into a .

Once you have decided on the company that you'll use, how many phones you'll need and how many minutes you estimate that you will use you need to choose extra features. Some people like the technology that is available so they can communicate with another device near by. Those who need to move around while talking on the phone may want to get some kind of a . With this you actually get stuff done around the house while talking.

Whatever you decide on, I think everyone can agree that the days of just having a for communicating are long gone. The convenience of cell phones is just too alluring.

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