Conversation Activity for Cleaning the House

Listen to the English audio passage and answer the multiple choice questions below. This is a conversation between a husband and wife who are talking about cleaning the house. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Vocabulary for Cleaning the House Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page. To see the script for what you will hear click on: Script

  1. The wife says that, since it is April, it is time for _____________. a) tidy up b) pigsty c) washing the dishes d) spring cleaning
  2. What word does the wife use to describe the house? a) spring cleaning b) mess c) pigsty d) junk
  3. The wife says that the husband never _________ after himself. a) sweeps b) dust c) picks up d) wash
  4. What is wrong with the upstairs toilet? a) it is dirty b) it is clogged c) it is broken d) the kids are sitting on it
  5. What should the husband do after cleaning the bathroom with bleach?. a) air it out b) tidy up c) spring cleaning d) sleep
  6. The wife says that the house wouldn't be such a mess if we _______________ after ourselves a little each day. a) tidy b) cleaned hard c) cleaned down d) cleaned up
  7. What is wrong with the sink in the kid's bathroom? a) he doesn't say b) it is broken c) it is dirty d) it is backed up
  8. Why is the husband in a hurry to finish cleaning? a) he doesn't say b) he has to go to work c) he wants to watch a game d) he want to eat dinner
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