Matching for College Campus Vocabulary

Answer Bank
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  • A. transcript
  • B. to audit
  • C. syllabus
  • D. to drop a class
  • E. dorm
  • F. freshman 15
  • G. lecture
  • H. rush
  • I. to cram
  • J. TA

  1. An expression that means you have decided to not take a class that you had previously registered for:
  2. A teacher who assists the professor:
  3. To study hard in a short period of time:
  4. An expression used to describe weight gained by new students:
  5. To take a class but not receive a grade for it:
  6. An apartment type building where students live:
  7. A document that informs the students about the class:
  8. A word used to describe the time when students visit different fraternities and sororities with hopes to join one:
  9. The time when the class meets and listens to the professor talk about the course material:
  10. A document that shows your grades from previous schools and universities: .

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