Computer Vocabulary Worksheet II

Fill in the blanks and press "Tab" between answers.

Answer Bank
  • laptop
  • virus
  • crash
  • user error
  • compatible
  • tower
  • outdated
  • operating system
  • screen saver
  • desktop
  1. On a desktop computer, the is where all of the data processing is done.
  2. A can make your computer run slowly or shut it down completely.
  3. If you don't touch the mouse or the keyboard on your computer for a while the will pop up.
  4. A virus can cause your computer to .
  5. If a program on your computer doesn't work correctly because you did something wrong it is called a .
  6. A can be taken anywhere easily.
  7. Since there is new technology that comes out every year, it doesn't take long before your computer becomes .
  8. Our home computer is a . It stays right on the desk in the study.
  9. Microsoft products are not always with Apple software.
  10. The my computer runs is Windows 7.

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