Computer Terms Matching

Answer Bank
  • A. back up
  • B. desktop
  • C. operating system
  • D. computer virus
  • E. flash drive
  • F. laptop
  • G. screen saver
  • H. crashed
  • I. cyber bullying
  • J. compatible

Tab between answers. Use capital letters.

  1. An unwanted program that gets on your computer and damages it:
  2. A lightweight skinny computer that you can carry around:
  3. A system that runs all of the programs on your computer:
  4. When a computer completely stops working it is said that it has:
  5. To save a file in a different location is to _________ that file.
  6. An image that appears on your computer monitor when you are not using it:
  7. To use a social networking site to talk bad about another person is:
  8. If a certain software works on your computer, and also works on another computer, it is said to be _____________ with both systems.
  9. This is a small device that you can store files on:
  10. A traditional computer that is not carried easily from place to place: .

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