Reading Exercise for Cooking Terms

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Answer Bank
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  • sprinkle
  • dice
  • grate
  • homemade
  • simmer
  • spice up
  • strain
  • marinate
  • whip together

Tonight I am going to make dinner for my grandparents. They have always been nice to me, so I am going to make a great meal. It will definitely be something . They deserve something better than leftovers or frozen food from the store.

The first thing I need to do to prepare for this meal is to the chicken in a lemon butter sauce that I use a lot. The meat needs to sit for at least three hours like this. Next, I will up some tomatoes and onions into small cubes. These will be used in the sauce when I cook the chicken. On the side we are going to have some pasta that I need to boil right before they arrive. Once it is cooked I will it to get rid of the water. While the pasta is still hot I usually some cheese and it on the pasta. This gives some extra flavor. I could even the chicken by adding some hot pepper flakes. My grandmother has always liked spicy food. When the chicken is fully cooked I will let it for a bit on the stove to keep it nice and hot.

I have a feeling that my grandparents are going to be pleasantly suprised when they see all the work that I put into this meal. They are probably thinking that I am just going to something quickly without putting in much effort. I can't wait to see their faces when they taste what I've prepared!.

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