English Crime Vocabulary Reading Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Answer Bank
(Press "Tab" between answers)
  • burglaries
  • pinched
  • carjacking
  • crime infested
  • shoplifting
  • carjacking
  • neighborhood watch
  • jaywalking
  • trespass

When I was growing up my family was poor and we lived in a dangerous neighborhood. There was no such thing as a to keep crime out of the area, so it was bad.

I remember that most of the people on my street had a sign in their yard warning people to not . This, of course, did little to keep criminals from entering their property. Thiefs would commit at all hours of the day and night. We had our TV and computer stolen out of our living room in the middle of the day when we were home. They caught the guy later on that day and charged him with . We even got our TV back, but he had already sold our computer. It turns out this guy who robbed us got in a local convinient store down the street. He was and got caught by the manager. I was just happy to get the TV back.

Cars were not safe in our area either. Even if you were driving with your doors locked, there was a risk of . Guys would pull you right out of your car and drive away. It was insane and I am glad to be out of there.Today I live in a nice safe community near Dallas, TX. It is rare to see any crime at all. Once in a while a person may get a ticket for , but that is it. Nobody is getting robbed or mugged where I live. I guess going to college and getting a high paying job paid off!

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