Crime Vocabulary Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. carjacking
  • B. shoplifting
  • C. a rash of burglaries
  • D. disorderly conduct
  • E. trespass
  • F. breaking and entering
  • G. crime infested neighborhood
  • H. neighborhood watch
  • I. crime spree
  • J. jaywalk

  1. To enter a property illegally:
  2. To walk across the street in a non designated area:
  3. A series of robberies in the same are at the same time period:
  4. A group of home owners that watch out for criminal activity:
  5. The act of stealing a car that is presently occupied by the owner:
  6. To enter a home illegally with the intent to steal:
  7. A residential area that has a lot of crime:
  8. To steal from a store is:
  9. A charge given to a person who is out of control and putting others in danger:
  10. When a person commits a couple of different crimes in the same time period it is a: .

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