Script for Crime Conversation Activity

Police Officer: OK. Come in here and sit down. I am officer Smith and I am going to be taking care of your case tonight


Police Officer: Well Mr. Jones, it looks like you have been on quite a crime spree this weekend. I’m glad we finally caught up to you. The report from the officer that brought you in says you not only were arrested for breaking and entering, but also carjacking. I guess you thought you could escape the scene by stealing someone’s car.

Criminal: I didn't do anything. I was just walking by the gas station. The door was open so I went in and grabbed a candy bar. When I walked out a cop accused me of burglarizing the place.

Police Officer: It was 3:00 in the morning and the store was closed. You broke the window to get in. That’s breaking and entering. Candy bars aren’t free, by the way. That is called shoplifting. You shouldn’t have even been walking on the property that time of night. They should have added trespassing to the charges. What about the fact that you left the scene in an innocent bystander’s car that was stopped at a traffic light?

Criminal: I got scared when the cop told me to freeze, so I ran away and got in a person’s car.

Police Officer: You got in a person’s car? You don’t just get in a person’s car, kick them out and drive off. The neighborhood you were in has suffered a rash of burglaries lately and the people are sick of it. The community has started up a neighborhood watch group and they are out patrolling every night. This is how we got you. One of the members of the group called the police station about a strange man snooping around. It also says in the report that you tried to fight the police officer when he stopped your stolen car and you got out.

Criminal: The cop was being rude to me. He yelled at me and told me not to move. Nobody tells me what to do. I pushed him to the ground. That’s when his partner put the cuffs on me and threw me in the back of their police cruiser.

Police Officer: Well, pushing a police officer is illegal. You are not above the law. We are going to add disorderly conduct to your list of charges. We are starting to crack down on crime in this section of the city. Our citizens here don’t want to become like the crime infested neighborhoods in the south side. Have you been arrested before?

Criminal: Yeah. I got pinched for shoplifting last month at the mall.

Police Officer: Looks like you are a repeat offender. There could be some jail time in your future. Do you have a lawyer?

Criminal: No. I don’t need one. I am innocent of everything you are charging me with.

Police Officer: Sure you are pal. Let’s head upstairs so we can get your paperwork started.

Criminal: Whatever you say man…

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