Dating Terms Fill in the Blanks

Choose the correct word and press "Tab" between answers:

Answer Bank
  • long distance relationship
  • hit it off
  • stalker
  • seeing
  • serious
  • chemistry
  • baggage
  • blind date
  • significant other
  • break up with

  1. I hate going on a . I prefer to know th person that I am going to go out with.
  2. We really when we met the first time. I liked her a lot.
  3. John is going to Samantha. He finds her annoying and she always complains about everything.
  4. It doesn't seem like Bill and Amanda are very . They go out with other people.
  5. My boyfriend is turning into a real . He follows me everywhere and even checks my e mail account.
  6. We had to break up because Sam got a job all the way out in California. I don't want to have a . They never seem to work out.
  7. I think Jenny is nice, but we have no . I guess we will just be friends.
  8. Everyone is allowed to bring their to the wedding. I'm bringing my girlfriend Sandy.
  9. Don't even think about going out with her. She has a lot of . She has three kids and a crazy ex boyfriend who doesn't want her dating.
  10. Do you know if she is anyone? I'd like to ask her out if she is single.

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