Dating Vocabulary Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. stalker
  • B. significant other
  • C. ask someone out
  • D. whirlwind romance
  • E. break up
  • F. hit it off
  • G. on again, off again
  • H. chemistry
  • I. set up
  • J. blind date

  1. To end a relationship is to ___________ with the other person.
  2. To get along well with a person of the opposite sex is to have:
  3. To request that a person go on a date with you is to:
  4. When you go on a date with someone you have never met before it is called a:
  5. Another name for the person you are dating is:
  6. If you meet someone, and you both get along, one could say that the two of you _____________.
  7. If you have a relationship with a person, and you frequently break up, this person is your _______________ boyfriend.
  8. An obsessed person who follows you around and makes you feel uncomfortable is a:
  9. When a person arranges a date for you it is said that you were __________.
  10. A very intense relationship that starts unexpectedly is a: .

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