Reading Activity for Dating Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
Answer Bank
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  • set me up
  • baggage
  • seeing
  • serious
  • career ladder
  • break up
  • whirlwind romance
  • blind dates
  • long distance relationship
  • chemistry

I recently had to with my girlfriend of three years. She is moving to Italy for a job and the last thing I want is a . I need to find a girlfriend who lives here in town.

My sister Patty wants to with a girl she knows from college. I am not a big fan of , but I think I will go out with here. Even though I haven't met this girl, I trust my sister. The first question I asked about her was if she had a lot of . Patty told me that she doesn't have any issues that would scare me away. So I am actually pretty excited about the date. I hope we really . If we have good maybe we can start each other and be boyfriend and girlfriend.

I probably shouldn't get too excited. Everyone would love to have a , but it doesn't always work ou that way. Sometimes it takes a little time to fall in love with another person. The fact is that I don't even know if she is looking to be . She may just want a casual relationship. I guess I'll find out after our first date. Wish me luck!

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