Script for Conversation Activity Using Dating Expressions

Tim: Hey Larry. How did it go on that blind date you had last night? Did you two hit it off?

Larry: Not really. That girl has a lot of baggage. She has six kids and a crazy ex-husband who basically is a stalker. He watched us eat through the window of the restaurant. I probably should have called the cops.

Tim: Geez. Who set you up on that horrible date?

Larry: It was your wife Sandy! Tell her to be a little more selective next time. Do you know anyone that you could set me up with?

Tim: I work with a woman that I think you’d like, but she just started seeing someone recently. They are pretty into each other. It is all happening quickly. It’s a whirlwind romance for sure.

Larry:Well, that’s good for her. Where did she meet the guy?

Tim: They met at a coffee shop. He asked her out that same day they met. Love at first site I suppose.

Larry: Yeah. For me I usually don’t fall for a girl right away. It takes time to get some chemistry going.

Tim: Didn’t your last girlfriend move out of state?

Larry: Yes. We tried having a long distance relationship for a few months, but that didn’t work. I probably need to get on one of those dating websites and meet some girls from around here.

Tim: Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let me know if you need me to take some photos of you to put on your profile.

Larry: Thanks. I may do that. Anyway, I need to go. I’m going to a movie with a friend of mine tonight

Tim: OK buddy. Call me tomorrow and we can cruise the mall looking for girls for you.

Larry: Ha ha. Real funny. I’ll see you later.

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