Script for Dating Listening Activity

My sister Clara has had really bad luck when it comes to dating. She has gone out with some strange, and sometimes scary, guys. I wish I could set her up with a nice guy, but I don’t know any who don’t have a significant other.

At this point Clara is a little tentative about going out with anyone. Last year Clara went out on a blind date with a cousin of a friend from work. The date was OK, but there definitely was no chemistry. Clara went home that night and thought she would never see the guy again. She was wrong. The man turned out to be a stalker who wasn’t going to give up on my sister. He followed her everywhere and called twice a day. Clara eventually got rid of him, but it left a bad taste in her mouth.

A couple of months ago Clara met a nice guy who she started seeing. They were pretty serious until he decided to take a job in Canada. Since we live in Texas, they had to break up. She didn’t want a long distance relationship. Since then, a few guys have asked her out, but she has said no to all. For Clara’s sake, I hope she ends up having an amazing whirlwind romance some time soon. She’s had such bad luck with guys. I think she is due to meet a great man. I guess we will see.

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