Dentist Office Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Write the correct word in the space and press "Tab" between answers:

Answer Bank
  • grind your teeth
  • dental floss
  • tooth decay
  • molar
  • cavity
  • dental hygienist
  • filling
  • novocaine
  • braces
  • chipped

  1. A small hole in the tooth: .
  2. A cleans your teeth before the dentist sees you.
  3. Large tooth in the back of your mouth:
  4. Material put in a cavity:
  5. The wearing down of teeth that comes with time:
  6. A drug used to numb the mouth before a procedure:
  7. String used to clean in between teeth:
  8. These are used to straighten the teeth
  9. To close your jaw tight with your teeth together is to:
  10. A damaged tooth with a piece missing is a tooth.

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