Descriptive Words for People Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with the correct word. Press Tab between answers
Answer Bank
  • demons
  • goofy
  • outgoing
  • ham
  • go getter
  • driven
  • basket case
  • creepy
  • good natured
  • nut job

At my new job there are all sorts of people. We have some people who talk the day away. We also have some shy and quiet types too. There is one guy who I find a bit strange that works in the accounting department. Everyone thinks he is kind of . All of the women stay away from him.

The guy's name is Robert. When you first meet him he tells jokes and seems like he is kind of a guy. If you get to know him a little better it is obvious that he has his . Robert gets very angry about certain things and he rants about what's bothering him to anyone who will listen. He is convinced that our boss is an alien and is here to take over the earth. Most of us think he is a , so we stay away. There is another interesting character who works with us too. Her name is Betty. She could be described as a . She is constantly trying to work harder than everyone else because she wants to get promoted. I think it is good that she is so , but sometimes I wish she would chill out. She makes me nervous with all of her energy. If she is ever too sick to come to work she is a . She will call from home about twenty times a day to see what is going on at work. Her voice sounds really nervous when she calls.

In our office I am considered the . I joke around and do funny faces all day. Some think I am a little too . My boss says I should take my job more seriously. I hate the job anyway, so I am not going to change.

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