Description Words Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. goofy
  • B. basket case
  • C. ham
  • D. nut job
  • E. people person
  • F. shallow
  • G. outgoing
  • H. driven
  • I. creepy
  • J. stiff

  1. Someone who enjoys being around people.
  2. A person who is very motivated to do well is said to be:
  3. A person who is funny and tells a lot of jokes can be called a:
  4. A person who is awkward and tense can be described as being:
  5. A person who is extremely upset can be called a:
  6. A person who only cares about things like money and how someone looks is described as being:
  7. A person who is friendly and talkative is:
  8. Another word for silly is:
  9. A person who makes others uncomfortable is described as being:
  10. An expression that describes a crazy person: .

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