Fill in the Blanks for Describing People

Write the correct word and press "Tab" between answers.

Answer Bank
  • good natured
  • driven
  • basket case
  • shallow
  • people person
  • go getter
  • nut job
  • stiff
  • creepy
  • goofy

  1. I wish I was more of a . The problem is that I just don't like being around others.
  2. Trevor is pretty . He is friendly to everyone and doesn't get upset easily.
  3. That guy in the corner is really . He is staring at me and grinning.
  4. His uncle is a . He is the craziest person I have ever met.
  5. I'm looking for a boyfriend was is very . I don't want a lazy guy who sits around all day.
  6. Dan's big brother is kind of . He is always playing around and being silly.
  7. Bill is not really a . He waits for things to happen. He rarely takes action on his own.
  8. Barry seems a little . Does he ever take it easy and have some fun?
  9. Don't date another person. Your last boyfriend broke up with you because you had a zit.
  10. He was a after the car wreck. It took him all day to recover from the shock.

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