Script for the Describing People Dialogue

John: Hey Bob. I think we need to hire a new sales person. We need to pick up our sales this year. I want someone who is a real go getter that can drum up some new business.

Bob: I may have someone for the job. My brother in law is looking for a new job.

John: Oh yeah? What is he like? The last time we hired one of your family members it was a nightmare. Your uncle was a basket case. He was always nervous and accusing people in the office of stealing his stapler.

Bob: Yeah. My uncle was a bit creepy. This guy is awesome. He is perfect for the job. His name is Fred and he is a real people person. He can talk to anyone about anything. My parents loved him from day one. He has a magnetic personality.

John: OK. Let me ask you something. Why is he looking for a new job? Is he not doing well at his current job?

Bob: Well, he tells me that his boss is a real jerk and kind of a nut job. He yells at Bob for stupid things like wearing an ugly suit or drinking too much of the office coffee.

John: I suppose I could give him an interview. He is going to have to be very driven. The job requires finding new customers. He'll have to make cold calls and visit different businesses in town to create new contacts.

Bob: Fred can do it. I think you will like having him around the office. He is really funny. He is always a ham at our family holiday celebrations.

John: I don't need another goofy guy around here. You are all we can handle. I hope he can handle your sarcastic humor and the pranks you play on all of us.

Bob: Oh, he can. Fred is a good natured guy. He will get along with all of us.

John: OK. I will give him an interview tomorrow morning.

Bob: Great, but don't let that stiff guy from HR sit in on the interview. He makes everyone uncomfortable. I think his name is Terry.

John: Ok. I'll interview by myself. I'm trusting you. I hope he is as good as you say he is.

Bob: Don't worry. He's great!

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