Eating Vocabulary Matching Worksheet

Answer Bank
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  • A. to throw together
  • B. a well balanced meal
  • C. pig out
  • D. a home cooked meal
  • E. light meal
  • F. to pick at
  • G. eat up
  • H. to watch what you eat
  • I. eat out
  • J. stuffed
  1. A meal that is low in calories:
  2. After eating too much you feel this way:
  3. Expression meaning to eat a lot:
  4. To be careful not to eat a lot of fatty foods:
  5. To quickly prepare a meal:
  6. To play with your food instead of eating it:
  7. To finish the food that is in front of you:
  8. A healthy meal:
  9. A meal prepared in your house:
  10. To eat in a place other than your home: .

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