Listening Activity for Eating Vocabulary

Listen to the English audio passage about eating and food and answer the questions below. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Eating Expressions and Vocabulary Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page.

  1. Don't use capitalization (no caps [e.g. ABC]).
  2. Don't use punctuation (e.g. . , : ; ).

  1. Harry and Sandy are going to a __________.
  2. Sandy told her husband to have a ___________ to hold him over until their date.
  3. Harry says he is going to __________ the entire menu.
  4. Harry is going to ____________ like there is no tomorrow.
  5. Sandy is a ________________ eater.
  6. Sandy will probably just ____________ at her food.
  7. It is pretty rare that Harry and Sandy have a _________________ meal.
  8. They eat ________________ two nights in a row.
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