Embarrassment Worksheet II

Fill in the blanks and press "Tab" between answers:

Answer Bank
  • down a notch
  • dissed
  • mortified
  • shamed
  • sheepish grin
  • elephant in the room
  • clean out
  • put in his place
  • cringe
  • showing my face

  1. To feel bad and embarrassed by another person is to be by that person.
  2. When I saw my brother humiliate himself by screaming at the waiter it made me want to .
  3. Sam was taken when his boss told him he wouldn't be getting the promotion.
  4. Nobody talked about the recent divorce, but it was definitely the .
  5. I won't be around Tim's house anytime soon. I broke up with his sister and the family is not happy with me.
  6. I can't believe I got by your little brother. I didn't know he was so mean!
  7. When there is an embarrassing situation in my family we usually try to under the rug. We don't like people hearing about our problems.
  8. Ronald needs to be . He thinks he is the boss here and he isn't!
  9. He stared at me with a when I caught him stealing my last cookie.
  10. The entire family was when they found out that everyone in town knew they were not actually rich.

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