Embarrassment Vocabulary Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. sheepish grin
  • B. make you cringe
  • C. mortified
  • D. to lose face
  • E. to sweep under the rug
  • F. to be taken down a notch
  • G. elephant in the room
  • H. to get dissed
  • I. black eye
  • J. to not show your face

  1. A really embarrassing situation can make your body tense up or:
  2. An expression for not appearing in a certain area due to embarrassment:
  3. To attempt to hide an embarrassing situation:
  4. To get disrespected by another person:
  5. A smile that shows a feeling of shame:
  6. To be humbled:
  7. To lose respect in the eyes of others:
  8. An extremely upset and embarrassed state is to be:
  9. A situation that everyone knows about, but nobody wants to aknowlege is the:
  10. A bad situation for an organization as a whole could be called a: .

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