Script for Conversation Activity on Embarrassment Expressions

Pete: Hey John. How did the dinner go with your parents last night? I know you were nervous about it. Didn’t they just find out that you dropped out of college?

John: That’s right. Last night was the first time I’ve see them since I quit school. I haven’t shown my face around their house in a few weeks.

Pete: So you finally talked to them about it. When you sat down at the restaurant did your dad bring it up right away?

John: No. We made small talk for a few minutes. It was awkward though. We had to just come out and talk about it. It was the elephant in the room. My dad finally said, “Son, why did you drop out of school?”.

Pete: Oh, man. What did you tell him?

John: I told him the truth. I told him that I wasn’t ready for college yet and that I wanted to wait a few years. He tried to shame me by telling me that I was irresponsible, but I didn’t give in.

Pete: Your parents might be so upset because they have lost face with their neighbors. Remember how they bragged to the entire neighborhood about how great of a student you were?

John: Yes, I remember. I was mortified! I hate when my parents brag about me.

Pete: Sounds like they have been taken down a notch or two. No more bragging for them. You are the black eye of the family now!

John: Oh, great. Thanks. I didn’t know I was going to get dissed by my best friend today. I’ll be in college in a couple of years. College isn’t going anywhere. It will always be there. Why are you smiling with that sheepish grin?

Pete: I feel bad because I made fun of you while you were trying to tell me about a tough situation in your life. I just can’t help but smile though when I think about your parent’s reaction when they found out their precious son left college.

John: They’ll get over it. By Christmas we will have swept this issue under the rug and things will appear normal. I have to go. Let’s hook up for lunch tomorrow.

Pete: Ok buddy. Keep your head up. You are still a good person. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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