Matching Worksheet for Emotions

Answer Bank
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  • A. to have butterflies in your stomach
  • B. to be out of it
  • C. to be pumped up
  • D. to be all smiles
  • E. bitter
  • F. down in the dumps
  • G. cloud
  • H. to be giddy
  • I. to be beside yourself
  • J. to be fuming

  1. To have an overall happy feeling and to be showing it with your facial expression:
  2. To have a nervous feeling:
  3. I am on __________ 9 because I just met the love of my life!
  4. To be excited in a silly way:
  5. To be extremely angry:
  6. Expression describing a depressed feeling:
  7. To be extremely excited about something:
  8. To feel tired and confused:
  9. A resentful hateful feeling:
  10. To be overwhelmed with negative feelings about something: .

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