Script for Conversation Activity on Emotion Vocabulary

Father: Hello son. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while. Are you pumped up about the big basketball game tomorrow?

Son: Not really dad. I am a little nervous. I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach. Tomorrow is a big game and I have to play well or I will lose my spot on the team.

Father: You have had a couple of bad games in a row. I’m sure the coach is less than thrilled with your performance lately. How come you have been playing so poorly?

Son: Not sure dad. I’ve been feeling a little out of it lately. In the last week I’ve had three exams and my girlfriend broke up with me. I missed two practices last week. The coach is fuming about that. He goes out of his mind if he thinks that a player is being lazy or not taking the team seriously.

Father: It sounds like you are kind of down in the dumps now. Do you want me to call the coach and tell him what is going on?

Son: Absolutely not dad. The coach gets riled up when he thinks a parent is trying to tell him what to do. He would definitely take his anger out on me.

Father:OK son. I will let you handle it. I do have some news from home. Your sister has been accepted to the college of her dreams. She was accepted to the University of California. She is on cloud nine.

Son: Great news dad! I bet she is all smiles this week. She’s been dreaming of going there since she was ten years old.

Father: Yeah, she is flying high this week. Your grandfather is just tickled that she got accepted there. As you know, that was his school.

Son: Ha. I bet he will be on the campus each week to visit.

Father: You got that right. He is just giddy that he now has an excuse to go to the campus more than once a year.

Son: That’s great. Just don’t go near him when the football team loses. He gets pretty bitter.

Father: I know. Well look son, you just do the best you can and it will work out with school and basketball. I have faith that you can make it through anything. Have a good day and I will call you next week.

Son: OK dad. Talk to you next week.

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