Conversation Activity for Dating

This is a conversation between two men who are talking about dating. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Dating Expressions Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page. To see the script for what you will hear click on: Script

(Press play ↓)

  1. What did Larry have last night? a) a blind date b) a break up c) a lot of baggage d) a melt down
  2. Larry says that the girl he went on a date with has a lot of ___________. a) friends b) dates c) baggage d) ex husbands
  3. Who set Larry up on the date? a) Tim b) Tim's wife c) Larry d) Tim's work friend
  4. Who experienced love at first site? a) Tim's friend from work b) Tim c) Larry d) Larry's date
  5. When Larry meets a woman it takes a while for him to get some __________ going. a) blind dates b) dates c) conversations d) chemistry
  6. Larry tried to have a _____________ with his last girlfriend, but it didn't work. a) blind date b) long distance relationship c) whirlwind romance d) chemistry
  7. What is Larry going to try next in terms of meeting women? a) blind dates b) online dating sites c) long distance relationships d) go to the mall
  8. What word describes the tone of Tim's last comment? a) sad b) threatening c) serious d) humorous