Gym Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • bench press
  • nautilus equipment
  • to feel the burn
  • gym rat
  • dumbbells
  • get in shape
  • free weights
  • to get a spot
  • barbell
  • to work out

My best friend Larry is a real . All he wants to do is . I don’t think he really has any other interests. Really, I don’t get it.

The other day we were at a birthday party for a mutual friend.  Everyone was having a great time.  Larry seemed distracted.  I asked him what the problem was.  He responded, “I missed my work out today.  Do you think there is a bench in their garage?”.   I rolled my eyes and told him that I would check.    In the garage there was a weight set.  There were for working one muscle, and there was a to use both hands in exercises like the . Larry was thrilled.

We both headed over to the garage and Larry got started.  He decided to bench press and I knew he would like . He didn’t want the weight to fall on his head.  There wasn’t any , since it was not a gym, so Larry had to use only . Larry went to town on every repetition and he said, “ I can ." He was really getting into it.

I eat too much and I really need to . That being said, I think working out at a party is over the line.  Maybe Larry needs a new hobby!

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