Exercise Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • gym rat
  • a workout
  • feel the burn
  • to get a spot
  • bulk up
  • dumbbell
  • to work out
  • barbell
  • nautilus equipment
  • to go on a diet

  1. If I am going to bench a lot of weight, it is important .
  2. You look like you put on some pounds. You need   He would be fine buying a .
  3. That guy never leaves the gym. He's a real .
  4. Last year John dropped a on his foot and broke his toe.
  5. Hollywood stars all have to help them stay in shape.
  6. At the gym they have Most people can't afford to buy their own, so they join a gym to use theirs.
  7. Keep lifting until you . That is when you are really building muscles.
  8. Sam has always been skinny. He decided to lift weights in hopes to a bit.
  9. Does this hotel have a gym? I'll need after eating all that gross food.
  10. You hold a with two hands.

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