Gym and Exercise Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. bench press
  • B. to get a spot
  • C. get in shape
  • D. dumbbell
  • E. feel the burn
  • F. max out
  • G. to bench
  • H. barbell
  • I. to work out
  • J. a workout

  1. To lift weights to the point of exhaustion is to _____:
  2. If you lift a lot of weights it may hurt. This is called _______:
  3. You would use this to lift with one arm:
  4. This is used in the bench press:
  5. This exercise helps build up the chest muscles:
  6. When I lie on my back and lift a barbell over my head it is called:
  7. Another name for an exercise session is:
  8. I feel fat. I really need ____________:
  9. People like to ________ before the summer when it is beach season:
  10. I can't lift all of this weight myself. I need ____________: .

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