Football Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
  • touchdown
  • field goal
  • punt the ball
  • quarterback
  • kickoff
  • run a play
  • end zone
  • to tackle
  • go for it on fourth
  • to huddle

  1. The team likes before running the play to decide on what to do.
  2. You need if you are going to play defense. You have to get the guy down!
  3. First they will and then they'll call time out.
  4. The is the first player to touch the ball on most plays.
  5. I think that is at 4:00 PM.
  6. If the offense can't get a first down they will have to .
  7. When a team gets the ball in the it is six points.
  8. A will get a team three points.
  9. It is risky to .
  10. The announcer screamed "" when the receiver ran into the end zone.
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  • Football Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks