Matching for ESL Football Vocabulary

Answer Bank
  • A. huddling
  • B. kick off
  • C. end zone
  • D. a field goal
  • E. touch down
  • F. tackle
  • G. quater back
  • H. punt
  • I. downs
  • J. the offensive line

  1. To knock a person down in football is to _____ him.
  2. This is worth six points:
  3. This is worth three points:
  4. Another word for "kick" that is used in football is:
  5. When football players gather together in a circle to decide on the next play it is called:
  6. This is the person who throws the ball to the other players:
  7. This is the group of men that protect the quarter back:
  8. When a particular team has the ball they get four opportunities to move the ball at least ten yards. These opportunities are called:
  9. At the end of the field you will find the:
  10. To start a football game one team will __________ to the other team.: .

  • Matching for ESL Football Vocabulary
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