Friends and Hanging Out Reading Activity

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
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  • fair weather
  • team player
  • hang
  • attached at the hip
  • career ladder
  • burn out
  • office politics
  • chill
  • BFFs
  • shooting the breeze

My daughter Sara always wants to out with her friends. She is not motivated to do homework or to clean her room. When I ask her to do some work around the house she says she would rather with her friends. She has a one track mind.

Sara's best friend is a girl named Sue. They claim to be . I won't argue with that because they really are . They go everywhere together. I will give Sue some credit though. She is not just a friend. When my daughter got really sick last year Sue came over everyday to check up on her. She has been at our house so much that I think we would consider her a . My wife and my other kids like her too.

This Friday night my daughter wants to have a with Sue and some other girls from school. I think I will let her since most of their friends are pretty nice. They will spend most of the night talking about boys. They may get on facebook and try to some of the guys they know, but it will be mostly harmless fun.

When Sara gets older she may lose touch with some of the people in her , or group of friends, but that is just what happens. Kids get older and move on to college to meet new friends.

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