Script for Conversation on Friends and Hanging Out Vocabulary

Jacob: Hey Randy. Want to hang out tonight? I have some people coming over to watch a movie later at my house.

Randy: Who is coming? Is it the regular crew? You know I don’t like Pete and Dave. They always dis me when we hang out.

Jacob: Well, they were going to come. If you really don’t want them there, I will tell them not to come.

Randy: I don’t mind Dave so much. It is really Pete that irritates me.

Jacob: Well, I can’t invite one without the other. As you know, they are basically attached at the hip. Pete is a family friend of Dave’s. They’ve been friends since kindergarten. I guess you could call them BFFs.

Randy: That’s sweet… I will chill with Dave any night, but no thanks on spending time with Pete. That guy has issues. If I come over tonight can I crash at your place? I hate driving all the way to my house late at night.

Jacob: That’s fine with me. We haven’t had a sleepover in months. We can shoot the breeze all night.

Randy: Cool. Sorry I’m being difficult about Pete, but I really don’t like him. He actually tried to friend me on Facebook last week, but I didn’t accept him. I wonder why he wants to be my friend if he is always a jerk to me?

Jacob: Who knows? I don’t mind not having him here either. He never shuts up. He’s not really my friend. He is more of a casual acquaintance that I know because of Dave. Dave knows he is obnoxious, but he doesn’t want to just ditch him because nobody likes him.

Randy: That’s good of Dave. Nobody likes a fair weather friend. I just wish Pete could get it together and stop annoying everyone.

Jacob: Yeah, I agree. Come over at about 7 tonight. My mom is making some tacos for dinner.

Randy: Cool. I’ll be there. Need me to bring anything?

Jacob:No. My mom has everything we need. See you tonight.

Randy: Right on. See you tonight.

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