Vocabulary for Hobbies Reading Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
Answer Bank
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  • regular
  • guy
  • freak
  • party animal
  • outdoorsman
  • social butterfly
  • Mr. fix it
  • couch potato
  • tinker

My brother Sam and I like to do a lot of different activities during our free time. We live in the city so there is a lot to do. Sam is a car and I am more of an . I enjoy camping and fishing. Even though we have different hobbies, we still manage to enjoy hanging out when we can.

Since Sam is always needing parts for his car that he works on everyday, he is a at the auto parts store down the street. They know his name and are always happy when he comes in. They know he is going to spend money. Not a day goes by when he doesn't with some part of his car. He has taken the engine apart at least twice in the last year. Neither one of us is a . We don't like to go out with friends like our older brother Tim. Tim would be considered a I guess. He is always out with friends having a good time. It is rare that he comes home before 2:00 AM.

When people meet our dad they can't believe we are related. he is the complete opposite of us. He stays at home and watches TV all night. My mom calls him a . To be honest, he is a TV . He knows what is going to be on at all hours of the night. I think he should probably find another hobby. It is not healthy to sit on the couch for that many hours in a row. He does at least repair things around the house if need be. He is our . Nobody even bothers to repair anything that breaks in the house. It is obvious that my dad will fix it. That is his thing.

It is nice to live with a family that has different interests. We get along well and I am thankful to have them.

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