Conversation Activity for Buying a Home

This is a conversation between a man who wants to buy a new house and his realtor. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Home Buying Expressions Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page. To see the script for what you will hear click on: Script

(Press play ↓)

  1. Why does Robert want to move out of his apartment? a) It is in the ghetto. b) It is too expensive. c) There are no amenities. d) It is too small.
  2. If Robert finds a home to buy he is willing to __________ his current lease. a) break b) pay c) lease d) co-sign
  3. Why does Robert's wife want to live in a cul-de-sac?a) There is curb appeal. b) The houses are cheaper there. c) It is safer for the kids to play outside. d) It has wooded lots.
  4. What does the realtor say about the lots these days?a) They have curb appeal. b) They are expensive. c) They are cheaper. d) They are smaller.
  5. Why is an HOA in the neighborhood a good thing? a) It keeps the neighborhood clean and nice. b) It is cheap. c) It provides curb appeal. d) It throws neighborhood parties.
  6. What does Robert like about his current apartment complex?a) the curb appeal b) the golf course c) the amenities d) the prices
  7. The realtor tells Robert that he will need to have money for a ____________. a) big house b) down payment c) amenities d) his commission
  8. What has Robert's father-in-law had problems with in the past? a) down payments b) a home that needed repairs TV c) the HOA d) co-signing
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